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The 7th International Symposium in Symbolic Computation on Software Science will be held at Ochanomizu University, Tokyo. Ochanomizu is a national women university that has a history of 140 years.

Address: 2-1-1 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8610, Japan

Access to Tokyo from airports

There are many options to access Tokyo from the two main airports (Haneda and Narita). For detailed information, please check Tokyo guides on the Internet. We think this webpage provides what you need to know.

Access to SCSS meeting room
Access information in one document that you can download and print.

The university is within 8min walk from Myogadani station, exit 1 (Marunouchi line) or Gokokuji station, exit 5 (Yurakucho Line).
(Do not confuse “Ochanomizu University” with “Ochanomizu station”! If by mistake you get off at Ochanomizu station, no problem. Take the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line to Myogadani st. )

access map

SCSS has one session at a time. All the talks will be given at Science Building 3, 7th floor, room 701 (red marker on the map below).
The campus has two gates, Main Gate and South Gate. In the map below, the green line shows the access to room 701 from the Main Gate. Blue line shows the access from the South Gate.

Maps of transportation network in Tokyo:

To plan your train trips (schedule, lines, etc.), you can the following website:


Ochanomizu university is located within easy access to several hotels in Ikebukuro. We compiled a list of nearby hotels tried and recommended by our colleagues. Check this google map. Staying in Ikebukuro is a good choice if you like to feel Tokyo’s lively day and night life. For a quieter surrounding, we recommend KKR hotel near the imperial palace (see the google map).
And of course you can always choose your hotel through booking websites, e.g. http://travel.rakuten.com/.


Located at Bunkyu-ku, one of the central districts of Tokyo, the university is within easy access to major sightseeing landmarks of Tokyo and nearby cities such as Yokohama and the historical city of Kamakura.

The end of March is marked with spectacular cherry blossom (sakura). Residents of Tokyo enjoy strolling and partying in parks renewed of their cherry blossom, e.g. Imperial palace, Ueno Park, Sumida-river park, etc. But you do not have to go far to enjoy cherry blossom. Around the university’s campus, some cherry blossom spots are worth the visit (see the pictures at the left).