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Accepted papers

Automatic Staging via Partial Evaluation Techniques
Kenichi Asai and Yukiyoshi Kameyama

A Mathematica module for Conformal Geometric Algebra and Origami Folding
Mitsuhiro Kondo, Takuya Matsuo, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi and Hiroyuki Ochiai

Compass-free Navigation of Mazes
Phil Scott and Jacques Fleuriot

Determining automatically compass and straightedge constructibility in triangles
Pascal Schreck and Pascal Mathis

Critical Pair Analysis in Nominal Rewriting
Takaki Suzuki, Kentaro Kikuchi, Takahito Aoto and Yoshihito Toyama

From Tarski to Descartes: Formalization of the Arithmetization of Euclidean Geometry
Pierre Boutry, Gabriel Braun and Julien Narboux

A rewrite-based computational model for functional logic programming
Mircea Marin, Temur Kutsia and Besik Dundua

Towards Verified Construction for Planar Class of a Qualitative Spatial Representation
Sosuke Moriguchi, Mizuki Goto and Kazuko Takahashi

Space Analysis of a Predicate Logic Fragment for the Specification of Stream Monitors
David Cerna, Wolfgang Schreiner and Temur Kutsia

A Data Structure to Handle Large Sets of Equal Terms
Baudouin Le Charlier and MĂȘton MĂȘton Atindehou

Expression Compatibility Problem
Seyed Hossein Haeri and Sibylle Schupp

Verification of A Brick Corner Wang Tiling Algorithm
Toshiaki Matsushima, Yoshihiro Mizoguchi and Alexandre Derouet-Joudan

Implementing a stepper using delimited continuations
Youyou Cong and Kenichi Asai

Bit-size reduction of triangular sets in two and three variables
Tetsuro Yamashita and Xavier Dahan

The Proof Net Calculator
Satoshi Matsuoka