About this site

This site publishes the research results of the Eos Project.  The results, including software Eos and Orikoto programs, are freely used only if

  • Free ones are used for academic purposes, and
  • the authors and copyright holders are appropriately cited.

We may remove the data  for several reasons,  such as

  • Eos newer versions are available.
  • We cannot maintain old versions, and as a result, the programs that run on the old version of Eos.
  • The data that we refer to on this web are also adequately cited.


email: ida@cs.tsukuba.ac.jp, ida@tieos.net, tetsuo.ida@gmail.com,


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Dr. Tetsuo Ida, Prof. Emeritus

Department of Information Engineering
University of Tsukuba
Tsukuba 305-8573, Japan