Email communication between users and this site

Dear Friends,

This site uses Google’s Gmail functionality for outgoing emails from WordPress to your email account. Google has some metrics to determine the emails that their SMTP allows. We recommend that you use the email address domain of a popular mail server, such as and, or the one your organization provides to you. The connectivity between our WordPress site and employs the Oauth2 protocol. This change has been made from March 13, 2022

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SMTP connection has been renewed

The mailer (outgoing emails) has been replaced by a new plugin.  It connects via TLS to which sends the i-eos mails.  The new connection is believed to be more secure and reliable.

Removing extra the banner of bitnami

This site is built on bitnami-certified WordPress.  Bitnami’s products greatly simplified my work, but something more are needed.  One of them is to catch up on the bitnami’s developments by documentation.  Bitnami’s documentation is generally excellent and easy to follow.

I would simply like to leave the following more for myself and the poor people of the same feather who might have spent one morning to try to find where “bnconfig”  is (as requested by bitnami document)

To remove the Birnam banner, the following commends should be obeyed (2020 Aug. 2).

$ sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/bnconfig.disabled –disable_banner 1
$ sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache