NEWS: ON JUNE 30, 2023: 

Mathematica 13.3 (Japanese Edition) was released on June 29, 2023, by Wolfram Inc. To run Eos3.7.2 on Mathematica 13.3, include the following code in Eosheader.m or in the beginning of your Eos Session:
We plan to change the Eos system code to avoid the message caused by function Detif On[Det::luc]. It is ON by default in Mathematica 13.3.

Improvements of “Eos3.7” over “Eos3.6” .

  1. We have made numerous changes in the visualization package to visualize origami artworks that use classical folds.
  2. Functions SquashFold, InsideReverseFold, OutsideReverseFold, RabbitEarFold, SwivelFold, InsideCrimpPleatFold, and OutsideCrimpPleatFold in ClassicalFold have a mode to display the result of each fold performed in during the executions of each function. Each displayed origami is more refined. Parameter specifications are changed in those functions. Check classical-fold-example.nb for details.

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