Release of Eos3.7.3

Eos3.7.3 was release on October 2, 2023. It is an improvement of Eos3.7.2.1 in the implementation of classical folds. Arguments of folds are simplified and given more meaning in the order of specification and grouping. Please take a look at examples.

Starting the summer of 2023, we closed “open” registration of “mono-reader” as we see many spam registrations. The spam registration affect SMTP server and the membership management. If you have not registered before closing the free registration, write to with Subject[Eos member registration].

NEWS: ON JUNE 30, 2023: 

Mathematica 13.3 (Japanese Edition) was released on June 29, 2023, by Wolfram Inc. To run Eos3.7.2 on Mathematica 13.3, include the following code in Eosheader.m or in the beginning of your Eos Session:
We plan to change the Eos system code to avoid the message caused by function Detif On[Det::luc]. It is ON by default in Mathematica 13.3.