Mathemtica 11.3 on Ubuntu 19.04

Mathemtica 11.3 on Ubuntu 19.04 does not work. It simply failed to display the welcome page, and aborted the computation. I looked at stackoverflow, and I can find similar phenomena in the Mathematica client side code. I later learned that Mathematica 12 seemed to jve solved the problem.

Eos 3

Eos 3 is the version under development by me.  It is a development based on Eos2.5.  Eos 3 is different from Eos 3D, which is also being designed along the line of paper  of SCSS 2017 paper.  I am trying to release Eos 3.0 by the end of March 2018.  Eos 3.0 runs on Mathematica 11.2.   Some of the features, especially those of graphics may not work properly on on Version 10 or earlier.