Available versions of Eos

Dear Members,
I cleaned up this site including the pages of the Eos software on December 19, to synchronize the release of Eos3.7. We also started to use the online version of Mathematica.
We recommend Eos 3,7. For compatibility reasons, we keep Wos3.3 and Eos 3.3.2 since my Springer book makes use of examples that are runnable with Eos3 versions.
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Improvements of “Eos3.7” over “Eos3.6” .

  1. We have made numerous changes in the visualization package to visualize origami artworks that use classical folds.
  2. Functions SquashFold, InsideReverseFold, OutsideReverseFold, RabbitEarFold, SwivelFold, InsideCrimpPleatFold, and OutsideCrimpPleatFold in ClassicalFold have a mode to display the result of each fold performed in during the executions of each function. Each displayed origami is more refined. Parameter specifications are changed in those functions. Check classical-fold-example.nb for details.

New publication of our work at Wolfram Community

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SMTP connection has been renewed

The mailer (outgoing emails) has been replaced by a new plugin.  It connects via TLS to smtp.gmail.com which sends the i-eos mails.  The new connection is believed to be more secure and reliable.