Release of Eos3.5.0

We uploaded Eos3.5.0 and related files.  The most important archive is a file Eos3-5-0. We included a desktop installer in the archive.   The desktop installer did not work on Windows (newer version) 10 and Windows 11.

About this web site

This site publishes the research results of the Eos Project.  The results, including software Eos and Orikoto programs, are freely used only if

  • Free ones are used for academic purposes, and
  • the authors and copyright holders are appropriately cited.

We may remove the data  for several reasons,  such as

  • Eos newer versions are available.
  • We cannot maintain old versions, and as a result, the programs that run on the old version of Eos.
  • The data that we refer to on this web are also adequately cited.

Slide of the invited talk of SYNASC 2021

This is the slide of the invited talk that I gave on December 7,  2021at  at the SYNASC 2021 conference.


The screen environment is  “working.”

Note that to execute the program, you need Eos3.50, which will be uploaded soon.  Furthermore,  you need  ClassicalFold package that comes with Eos3.50.



Talks at SYNASC 2021

I had an opportunity to give two talks on Eos.  One is an invited talk containing our research progress and a few new results at the SYNASC 2021, December 7, 2021.

The slide is here.

The other is a Tutorial on Orikoto programming.  The tutorial slide is here.  The additional slide  is here.

The tutorial was on December 9, 2021.   I used a new version of Eos (Eos3.30).  Eos3.5 is not released yet but will be in a few days.

Eos3.41 is out!

A new version of Eos3.41 is uploaded. For ease of installation, we uploaded the Desktop version. You may move the Eos3,41 directory to anywhere you like, once you checked that the Desktop version is running successfully. Please see the installation guide of the supplement if you are in trouble.  Section Connfiguration in the Supplement describes the details of the installation.

Examples are updated to run with Eos3.41.